What type of mattress is best for babies?

There are many baby mattress materials on the market at present, spring, sponge, palm tree, latex, fiber, etc. are more common. Judging from the current baby mattresses on the market, springs and sponges are gradually being phased out, so focus on the other three materials.


What type of mattress is best for babies


Palm tree mattress


3E Coconut Palm: A fibrous substance using coconut shell, this material is soft and mild, with balanced strength, which helps the development of infant bones and helps prevent spinal diseases, but it will become moldy when wet, and it is easy to deform. , so often take out gout.


Jute Brown: It is made of jute fiber, coconut palm, and hot melt cotton pressed at high temperature. The interior of the fiber is an octagonal hollow structure, which has much higher heat dissipation than 3E coconut palm, which can reduce the generation of harmful substances. Therefore, compared with 3E coconut palm, the duration of use and the comfort of the baby sleeping on it are better, but the price of the mattress of Real Madrid palm is also much higher than that of 3E coconut palm.


Latex Mattresses: Natural Latex and Synthetic Latex


Natural Latex: Derived from the sap of the rubber tree, which is very precious, the surface of the mattress is matte with traces of small pores and wrinkles.


Synthetic Latex: Substances derived from petroleum have a longer lifespan than natural latex, have a smooth, shimmering surface, have a tense feel, and have few or no pores or pores.


Note: Synthetic oil is produced by some unscrupulous businessmen for profit. It contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. Adults will cause harm when used, and infants cannot use it.


Natural latex is taken from plant juice, which has the advantages of bacterial control of mites and air permeability, but it is more flexible than coconut palm, and is more suitable for babies over 1 year old in terms of baby's development. In addition, there may be almost no babies allergic to latex, so in order to improve the comfort and longevity of baby mattresses, most companies have greatly improved the practicality by combining coconut latex!


The fiber mattress is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic TPEE or PP. The professional machine naturally combines the bonding pattern through hot melt glue, without using a drop of glue. The appearance is as light as instant noodles, non-toxic, very breathable, and also supports washing.


TPEE/PP: Safe and non-toxic plastic material for baby bottles. According to the above analysis, both spring mattresses and sponge mattresses have a certain impact on the baby's development, so it is recommended not to buy them. Others, such as fiber mattresses, latex mattresses, and palm mattresses, are better choices for babies. Fiber mattresses have no disadvantages, but the price is almost more than one thousand yuan. The baby grows fast, basically it can only be used for about two or three years, and the cost performance is not high. Therefore, I prefer a crib mattress with coconut latex.


XXY Home Furnishing factory memory foam mattress


Recommended reason: Goodbaby's cribs and mattresses are rare memory foam cores in infant mattresses, with good elasticity and support, as well as breathable antibacterial effects. Mattresses with a thickness of 5 cm are all 9-layer removable structures, and the materials can be assured. Of course, some families don't think about the budget and just want the best product for their baby and must use a fiber mattress. You can choose from the following two brands.


Fiber mattress


It consists of a total of 4 layers of structure, which can be freely switched to meet the sleep needs of babies aged 0-3 at different stages. The layer structure supports water washing, and there is no need to worry about dangers such as glue and formaldehyde. The safety of your baby's sleep can be assured.


Comfortable Treasure Fiber Mattress


It feels as comfortable as a baby's marshmallow, there is no danger of excessive formaldehyde, and there is no danger of latex synthesis. The mattress is machine washable from the inside to the outside, and it is easy to clean. No faults except your store!


If you want to know more baby mattresses, please contact us, XXY Home Furnishing factory only makes mattresses suitable for customers.