Baby Mattress

With the improvement of the quality of life, many friends now like to use memory foam mattresses, because memory foam mattresses have many advantages that other mattresses do not have.

What are the advantages of Menglily memory foam mattresses?

1. Temperature sensitivity: The material of Xinxiyang memory foam mattress is very sensitive to temperature, and can provide suitable softness and hardness according to the temperature of different parts of the human body, so that every part of the body can have a good rest and relaxation .

2. Slow rebound: Memory foam is also known as slow rebound, which means that when the product sags under pressure, it will not show a strong rebound, but will slowly return to its original state after the pressure is removed, which can be very It is good to balance and disperse the pressure at the contact point between the human body and the mattress to achieve the most comfortable state.

3. Decompression: The biggest feature of Xinxiyang memory foam mattress is that it can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body, and ordinary mattresses will have a reaction force on the human body, so the spine and joints will be squeezed by the mattress. People will feel sore and numb, but memory foam has no reaction force, people are like floating on the cloud, and the blood in the whole body is smooth, then people will sleep very comfortably.

4. Safety and environmental protection: The unique material of Xinxiyang memory foam mattress can well inhibit the growth of bacteria and mites, which is very good for pregnant women and children who are prone to allergies, and people do not feel stuffy when sleeping on it. It feels very transparent.