Pet bed

Support joints and pressure points with a firm foam mattress.

Orthopedic foam base with memory foam top profile that conforms to the pet's body for better overall support and relief.

Cooling Gel Top: The gel-infused memory foam top is pressure activated with microgel beads to keep the bed cool while providing support.

The XXY pet bed uses memory foam certified by Certipur USA, an agency that checks the safety of cribs and human beds.

The pet bedspread zips up for easy removal and cleaning - perfect for those furry friends who always seem to find mounds and mud puddles! It can be hand washed or machine washed in cold water with a mild detergent and then tumble dried or tumble dried on a low heat. The removable, washable cover makes it more clean, convenient and hassle-free.

 XXY pet beds are built with comfort and support in mind. These ergonomically designed beds feature raised, contoured ends to provide your pet with therapeutic back and neck support. Dense, medical-grade foam provides soft, firm support for restorative sleep. Your furry friend will enjoy relaxing in supportive comfort!