How to clean the mattress

I believe many people have encountered that the mattress becomes very dirty after a few years of washing. Once the mattress is used for a long time, it is easy to breed some mites and some stains, which are not only unhealthy but also affect the appearance. Therefore, the mattress needs to be cleaned regularly. If the mattress is dirty, it cannot be washed directly in water. It can be cleaned according to the different conditions of the dirt. The cleaning method is described below.


How to clean the mattress


Here are a few common ways to clean a mattress:


1. Clean the mite remover


Deep cleaning cannot be done just by using a vacuum cleaner. Regular use of the mite remover can better clean the mattress.


2, soda powder to remove urine stains and urine smell


If there is a baby at home, the mattress is prone to urine stains and urine smell. If there are urine stains on it, you need to buy a special cleaning agent, spray it evenly on the urine stains, and dip it dry. When it's fully absorbed, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the urine stain, leave it overnight, and then vacuum it straight up.


3. Vacuum cleaner treatment


A vacuum cleaner can be used for daily cleaning. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt on its surface. The method is very simple, just use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the top, bottom, left and right sides of the mattress. One advantage of vacuuming the mattress is that even if the mattress is wet in the future, it will not form stains due to a lot of dust. If there are stains on the surface of the mattress, it can be cleaned with a sofa or interior special detergent, which can also effectively remove mites.


4. Hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains


If there are blood stains on the mattress, hydrogen peroxide can also be used, which can effectively decompose and remove the blood stains. When the hydrogen peroxide is foaming, it needs to be dipped with a clean, white dry cloth, which can effectively reduce the traces of blood stains. It should be noted that do not use hot water, because hot water will cook the protein in the blood, so cold water should be used to clean the blood stains in the mattress. Or you can use meat tenderizer to wipe the location of the blood stain, because meat tenderizer can effectively remove protein, and then wash it with clean water, which can effectively remove the iron element in the blood stain.


How to clean the mattress


The above is to introduce to you "how to clean the mattress when it is dirty". When we use the mattress at ordinary times, we try to keep the mattress as clean as possible, so as to ensure the comfort when sleeping.