The car lumbar pad can relieve the soreness of the waist muscles

The waist pad is designed by the waist in accordance with the principles of human body structure and mechanics. It is close to the waist of the human body, sharing the human pressure on the lumbar spine, relieving the pain in the waist caused by sitting for a long time; promoting the microcirculation of human blood, improving the blood supply system of the waist, a certain hardness. The lumbar disc herniated lumbar pad has the effect of local massage. Especially people who drive a car for a long time are more prone to soreness in the waist. At this time, a lumbar pad is needed to relieve the soreness of the lower waist.


waist muscles


When choosing a car lumbar pad, pay attention to the following points:


1. The inner cores of waist pads on the market are usually divided into several categories: down, sponge, cotton, cloud-made PP cotton, latex and other materials. Different materials have different uses. It is recommended that car owners choose products that are flexible and comfortable when purchasing.


2. Of course, the shape of the lumbar support also varies from person to person. The elasticity of the hand feels the best when it is placed on the chair. A suitable shape, firmness, thickness, and elasticity are all suitable, and when it is symmetrically coordinated with the chair and placed in the correct position, it can relieve most of the pressure on your waist.


3. Those who pursue more comfort can choose a cushion with massage effect. The advantage of this cushion is like a massager. The vibrator on it will have a massage effect and reduce the soreness of the waist muscles.


4. Does the lumbar support structure have the function of ideal support and support for the lumbar spine? We all know that the spine is S-shaped, and it is in a forward curved shape at the waist. Not only does it need a support module that conforms to the lumbar vertebrae structure, but also the corresponding support force. Insufficient support force cannot solve the problem; whether the elasticity of the lumbar support is suitable for body weight , Because the effect of force is mutual, when the pressure is proportional to the rebound force, the pressure can be decomposed, the pressure is solved, and the fatigue can be relieved. Otherwise, relieving fatigue becomes a beautiful lie.


5. Choose merchants with good credit, the product quality and after-sales are more guaranteed.


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