Difference Between Mattress Cover and Sheet

What is a Mattress Cover


Mattress cover refers to the bedding that covers the whole bed. Except that there is no sagging at the head of the bed, there will be 30 cm sagging on the other three sides, which will make the whole look more harmonious. In addition, around the mattress cover Will reserve some lace, beautiful and dustproof.


Difference Between Mattress Cover and Sheet


what are bed sheets


It refers to the fabric directly laid on the bed. Compared with the mattress cover, people will pay more attention to the comfort of the product rather than its aesthetic performance. After all, it is an item that is in direct contact with our skin. The material is mainly silk.


Difference Between Mattress Cover and Sheet


what is the difference between them


Different styles: the bed sheet is laid directly on the bed, while the mattress cover is treated with four corners to wrap the bed; different fixing effects: the bed sheet is easily deformed by people's changes, but the mattress cover will not slide down; different cost: the bed The cost of the cushion cover is higher than that of the bed sheet; the comfort level is different: the bed cover is not easily deformed, and it is more comfortable to sleep; the decorative effect is different: the bed sheet can play a good decorative role. The specific differences are as follows:


1. Different styles. The bed sheet is a rectangular piece of fabric that is laid directly on the bed, while the mattress cover is treated with four corners, which can wrap the bed in.


2, the fixed effect is different. Sheets easily deform and slide off the bed, but mattress covers do not.


3, the cost is different. Sheets do not need secondary processing after processing and production, while mattress covers need to be shaped and elasticated, which is more expensive.


4. Different comfort levels. The sheets are not fixed to the bed and can easily deform while sleeping, while the bedspread is more comfortable to sleep in and doesn't clump together.


5, the decorative effect is different. The mattress cover directly covers the upper part of the mattress, while the sheet can hang down for better decoration.


How to choose the right bedding


1. Funding budget


When choosing, first of all, you must know your budget, because bed products with different functions are still very different in price. For example, the materials and production techniques of bed sheets are relatively simple, so the price is relatively affordable. There are many patterns of the cushion cover, the materials and processes are more complicated, and the price will be higher.


2. Post-cleaning care


Generally speaking, the mattress cover is thicker than the bed sheet, so it is more troublesome to clean. If there is no relevant washing equipment at home, it may need to be dried for a longer time.


The above are some differences and differences between bed sheets and mattress covers summarized by XXY, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Both of these items are designed to help you better keep your mattress clean and tidy.