What is a butterfly pillow? What are the specific benefits?

When sleeping, if the pillow is not very comfortable or does not fit the curve of your cervical spine, you will usually feel dizzy and have a sore neck when you wake up in the morning, and even your shoulders will feel tired. It can be seen that a pillow that is comfortable and fits your body curve is very important, which directly determines the quality of sleep. Now many families will buy butterfly pillows. Let me introduce to you what is a butterfly pillow and what are the unique benefits of this pillow.


butterfly pillow


First of all, what is a butterfly pillow? In recent years, butterfly pillows can be said to be very popular. Butterfly pillows are actually enhanced cervical spine protection pillows, which can fully protect the neck area of the human body when sleeping on the side and sleeping on the back. The appearance and shape of the butterfly pillow resembles a butterfly, so it is named butterfly pillow. The reason is that the middle height of the butterfly pillow is relatively low and there is an extension part, which is more suitable for lying flat. The sides of the pillow are slightly higher to increase the camber, which can also meet the needs of side sleepers.


Secondly, the reason why butterfly pillows are so popular now, many families will buy butterfly pillows, the main reason is that butterfly pillows can really give people a comfortable sleeping experience and enjoyment, especially for people with cervical spondylosis and other diseases, lying on butterfly pillows will feel special Comfortable, you will feel very relaxed when you wake up in the morning. The butterfly pillow can prevent cervical spondylosis, and lying on the butterfly pillow can also massage the cervical spine to protect the cervical spine from compression. The design of the butterfly pillow is very ergonomic, which will naturally make the sleeping experience more comfortable.


To sum up, for the question of what is a butterfly pillow, everyone must have understood clearly that the butterfly pillow can indeed play a very good health care effect during sleep, because it can greatly improve the quality of sleep, sleep comfortably, and protect the body. Definitely healthier. Long-term use of the butterfly pillow can protect the cervical spine, and in a normal physiological state, the natural blood circulation will be smooth. Protect the cervical spine and become healthier, no longer have to worry about body aches in the morning.