How to deal with moldy mattress? What are the methods?

Mattress mold is a relatively common problem in daily life, especially during the rainy season in the southern region. Usually, the indoor humidity is relatively high, which can easily lead to damp and moldy mattresses, which will seriously affect the quality of sleep and even pose a threat to health. If the mattress is not cleaned and maintained at ordinary times, it will easily lead to damp and mold over time. How to deal with the moldy mattress has troubled many friends, the following editor will introduce the treatment method for you.


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1. Must be ventilated


How to deal with moldy mattress? If you find that the mattress is already damp and moldy, the first thing you need to do is to ventilate it. Usually the reason for mattress mold is because it is too wet. The moldy part of the mattress can be simply cleaned first, disinfected with a disinfectant, and then placed in a ventilated and dry environment for ventilation. If conditions permit, it can be placed on the roof and exposed to sunlight. The effect of sunlight disinfection and sterilization is better than that of disinfectant, and after exposure and ventilation, the moldy location can also be resolved.


2. Regular drying


After the mattress is moldy, it needs to be cleaned and disinfected and ventilated and exposed to the sun. Moisture builds up. If there is less sunshine in the room, the mildew of the mattress will be more serious, so it is very important to take it out to dry and ventilate regularly. In addition to solving the problem of mildew, it can also prevent serious mildew. .


How to deal with moldy mattress


In life, the above methods can effectively solve the problem of how to deal with moldy mattresses, and can restore the mattress to a clean and hygienic state. It is suggested that everyone must ensure that the mattress is ventilated in daily life. If the environment is relatively humid, it must be dried regularly, so as to avoid the problem of damp or mold. Of course, we should pay attention to cleaning and maintenance at ordinary times, so that the service life of the mattress can be extended.