How to deal with moldy mattress?

Many people like to buy mattresses, but no matter how good the mattress is, the body will sweat, in the rainy season or in a humid environment, and the long-term display will also become moldy, so today XXY Home Furnishing factory will tell you how to deal with moldy mattresses. Hope to help everyone.


How to deal with moldy mattress?


1. Tear off the mattress protector. The sealed plastic film keeps the mattress in an unventilated environment for long periods of time, making it susceptible to moisture or mildew.


2. Wipe the moldy part with strong soapy water, soak the mold part first, and then wipe it hard with a towel to remove the mold.


3. Regularly flip the mattress, the mattress is used for about 3 to 4 months, and the spring mattress is regularly flipped in coordination. The pads are evenly stressed for longer life.


4. Wipe the moldy area with white vinegar, and then wipe it with a damp cloth with clean water for many times. The remaining vinegar smell can be sprayed with your favorite perfume.


5. In bad weather conditions, you can buy mothballs and put them in the mattress. Places with severe musty smell can put a few more moth balls for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, and then use a hair dryer to remove mildew and sterilize. Hair dryer should choose hot air.


6. Material preparation: salt, alcohol, watering can, towel.


Step 1: Pour an appropriate amount of salt into a watering can.


Step 2: Then pour an appropriate amount of alcohol into the watering can.


Step 3: Then tighten the watering can lid.


Step 4: Then spray the mold on the mattress with a watering can.


Step 5: Carefully wipe the mold from the mattress with a towel.


Reasons for moldy mattresses: Moldy mattresses Because the mattresses are in a humid environment for a long time, fungi multiply and erode the mattress contamination state of the mattresses. If the moldy mattresses are not dealt with in time, more mites will be harmful to health. .