How to clean a dirty mattress

Mattress is a daily necessities that everyone must use when sleeping. A good spring air mattresses can give people a better sleep quality. After a long time of use, the mattress needs to be cleaned well, so as to bring you a better sleeping experience. So, how to clean the mattress when it is dirty?


How to clean a dirty mattress


Mattresses are different from other clothes. Mattresses are large items, and the materials used cannot be completely immersed in water, which can easily lead to mildew. So cleaning the mattress also needs a method. And different kinds of dirt that get on the mattress require different methods to get out.


1. Mattresses that kill mites.


If the Medical Mattress is not clean for a long time, mites are prone to appear in it, and the mites will suffer from various diseases such as asthma, rhinitis, and skin allergies. There are aphids in the mattress, and special ultraviolet cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners can be used to kill aphids hiding deep in the mattress.


2. Mattress sterilization and deodorization.


The mattress has been slept on for a long time, and if it gets wet again, the mattress will smell bad, or it will smell after peeing. First, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the impurities on the mattress, and then sprinkle the soda evenly on the mattress. After two hours, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the soda water on the mattress, and the smell on the bed will disappear.


3. Mattress dust removal.


If the mattress has accumulated a lot of dust after sleeping for a period of time, it is best to turn the mattress over and lean against the wall every time you change the bed sheet or quilt cover, and beat it repeatedly with a wooden stick to loosen the dust on it, and then use a vacuum cleaner wash off. Of course, if the balcony at home is very wide, it is best to dry the mattress more.


4. Remove urine stains from mattresses.


The child urinates on the mattress and when it dries it not only smells bad but also has unsightly urine stains. You can choose to pour white vinegar into the urine stain, press it with a wet towel after 1 hour, and gently dry the stain. Please do not apply forcefully. Stains may become larger. If you can't see the towel effect, you can use a toothbrush to soak in water and blow dry with a hair dryer.


5. Mattress blood stain removal.


(1) Girls may accidentally bury their physiological blood in the mattress during menstruation. Medical hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of about 3% can be sprayed. After lathering, after washing with water, wipe the wet area with a light-colored rag, and then blow dry with a hair dryer.


(2) There is another magic weapon to deal with fresh blood - ginger. Drizzle ginger onto the bloodstain, then wipe with a rag of cool water, then blot with a dry cloth or paper towels. Because ginger will loosen and dissolve protein stains in the process of rubbing with blood, and it also has a bleaching function.


(3) If it is old blood, vegetables and carrots can be replaced. First put salt in the carrot juice, then drip the adjusted juice on the old blood and wipe it with a rag dampened with cold water. Because hemoglobin in the blood is the main color-forming substance, and carrots contain a lot of carotene, which can neutralize the iron ions in the blood to produce a colorless substance.


How to clean a dirty mattress


6. Mattress coloring drink


If you remove colored beverages from the mattress, you can wipe it with rubbing alcohol. Most beverage stains can be dissolved in rubbing alcohol, but alcohol can also spread the stain, so wipe the stain with an absorbent cloth dipped in alcohol rather than just pouring alcohol. Alternatively, use a citrus cleaner or vinegar to reduce the extent of the stain.


The above is that different stains use different methods to clean the mattress, so that the effect of cleaning the mattress in a targeted manner is better. If you have the above situation, you can clean the mattress according to the above method.