How can I prevent the mattress cover from slipping? Can it be fixed?

Many people reported that although they used a bed cover on their mattress, the bed cover would slide after a few days, which caused a lot of trouble for their normal use. So is there any way to solve this problem? How to prevent the mattress cover from sliding? Is it possible to directly fix it in a specific position?


How can I prevent the mattress cover from slipping


Size selection problem: In order to solve the problem of how to prevent the mattress cover from sliding, when buying a mattress cover, it is recommended that you buy it according to the size of your own mattress. To give a simple example, if your mattress is 1.8 meters in size, then when choosing a bed cover, try to choose a bed cover corresponding to 1.8 meters. Don't think that if you buy a 2-meter bed cover yourself, if you replace it later, it will be better. The large bed can still be used, or think the large size comforter is more cost-effective. If the size of the bed cover is not selected correctly, it will slip off when in use.


Brand selection problem; there are also differences in brand selection for bedspreads. When buying bedspreads, the price positioning of the bedspread itself is not very high. Therefore, as far as the choice of brand is concerned, choose high-quality bedspreads as much as possible, so that the quality is very stable in the later use process, and it is not Slipping will occur. Note that when choosing a brand, you must pay attention to word-of-mouth comparison.


Material selection problem: When the bed cover made of pure cotton is in use, because of the relatively large friction, it will basically not slip off. But if you choose other materials such as polyester or non-pure cotton, then slipping may occur frequently during use, which will not only bring a lot of trouble to your use, but also reduce your experience a lot.


More about how to prevent the mattress cover from sliding because of the time. If you want to solve this problem, you can pay attention to the above details when purchasing, so that the sliding The problem will not become your own troubles, and it will be more convenient to use.