10 Reasons Why You Really Should Buy A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Do you feel as if your mattress could be giving you a warmer welcome? It might be time to buy a memory foam topper: find out the benefits below,What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress topper? Other than their price, their flexibility, their portability, oooh, so many, sooo many. Below, we list the pluses of buying a memory foam mattress topper, with some handy tips and advice for which type/size/thickness you should look for. We reckon that by the time you finish this article, you won't be wondering why you need a memory foam mattress topper, you'll be wondering where you can get one. Unless, of course, you're already happy with your mattress. Well, are you?


1). A Memory Foam Topper Instantly Softens A Hard Mattress


Whether you've inherited a hard mattress (you're renting, at uni or have moved in with a partner), your sleeping habits have changed (post pregnancy, some women find a once comfortable hard mattress completely unforgiving, forever), you've stiffened up with age, or you've just bought the wrong mattress first time round (bear in mind, though, that you generally have 100 days to return many mattresses), a memory foam mattress topper can be instantly, softeningly transformative.


2). It Can Relieve/cure Your Back Pain


Memory foam is designed to accept your body's contours, which means any pressure points (shoulders and hips being the main offenders) will suddenly be relieved. The result? No pain while sleeping, and you shouldn't wake up feeling achy. So, whether you just suffer from a bit of back pain or have a condition such as arthritis, you'll feel better, fast.


3). A Topper Is Cheaper Than A Brand New Mattress


So you really want to swap out that hard mattress you no longer find comfortable for a memory foam mattress but just can't afford it? A memory foam topper doesn't exactly mimic a memory foam mattress, but it's not a million miles away, it can transform your current mattress, and give you a taste for memory foam – all at a fraction of the price.


4). Fidgety Partner? A Memory Foam Topper Minimises Motion Transfer


Got a partner who tosses and turns all night long? It's not a problem if your mattress has minimal motion transfer, BUT if you find yourself being bounced around, too, a memory foam topper can be a fast fix because it minimises all that.


5). Memory Foam Toppers Make Life Harder For Dust Mites


Are you an allergy sufferer? You might find your dust mite allergy improves with a memory foam topper, since the dense mattress materials are less welcoming to dust mites than traditional mattress fillings. Memory foam limits mould and pet dander, too, handy if your bedroom suffers from condensation and/or the dog/cat sleeps on the bed.


6). Good Memory Foam Toppers Can Last Up To 10 Years


A high quality memory foam topper will last you a long time – up to 10 years in some cases – longer in the case of toppers on beds in spare rooms.


7). They Suit Every Single Bed Type


Singles, doubles, king-size – you name it, there's a memory foam topper out there to fit your bed's size.


But what if you sleep on an adjustable bed? Memory foam toppers can bend and flex to suit an adjustable bed, without sagging or sliding – and you'll still remain supported.


8). The Best Toppers Can Keep You Cool


Sweaty sleeper? The latest generation of memory foam mattresses are designed to be breathable, which means no more hot sweats – time of year or time of life-related.


9). They're Very Low Maintenance


Unlike some topper types, memory foam doesn't need fluffing or flipping – although it doesn't hurt to rotate it every now and then. As for upkeep, an occasional vacuuming won't hurt. 


10). Memory Foam Toppers Suit All Sleep Positions


Are you a side sleeper but your partner likes to sleep on their back? The upside of memory foam is that it can accommodate any sleeping position because it is designed to cradle every part of your body evenly. For back sleepers, it will mould to the curves of your spine, providing relaxed lumbar support; for side sleepers, it accommodates those pressure points mentioned above; and for stomach sleepers, it helps to keep your back aligned.