Xinxiyang mattress ridge protector and waist protector

Office workers are prone to low back pain. Sitting for long periods of time during the day is an important cause of low back pain. How to relieve low back pain has become a concern of many middle-aged people. One-third of life is spent in bed. During the day, the lumbar spine is subject to various pressures. At night, it is a good time to let the waist fully rest. For those with low back pain, a comfortable mattress can make the waist take good care of.



People who often suffer from backache and back pain need a mattress with a stiff spine, and have enough support to support the body, so that our spine maintains a normal physiological curvature, so as not to cause back pain.


Xinxiyang Home Furnishing has more than 10 years of brand mattress, and has been supported and recognized by many consumers for its "healthy sleep" and "spine and waist support". Like this "Falling Flowers", it has strong support and a solid and tough sleeping feeling. It is an excellent spine-protecting mattress.


During sleep, people need to constantly turn over and adjust their sleeping posture. People with backache and back pain can easily cause back pain by turning over forcibly. They need a mattress that is easy to turn over to sleep comfortably.


The front of "Luohua Qingcheng" is made of aerobic hard cotton, which has a flat and open sleep feeling and stable support, which makes it easier for the human body to turn over naturally during sleep, adjust the sleeping posture, and protect our spine health.


Comfortable sleep is inseparable from the care of high-quality mattress. The mattress fabric is in direct contact with the skin, and its softness, air permeability, and skin sensory experience have an important impact, so it is also related to the quality of sleep. The surface of "Luohua Qingcheng" is made of high-quality knitted fabrics, which are soft to the touch, comfortable and breathable, and are moisturizing and skin-friendly during sleep.




People stand or sit for a long time during the day, and the spine bears a lot of pressure, and the function of the mattress is to support the body and let the spine get full rest. Choose the Xinxiyang Home Furnishing mattress that supports your spine and waist so that your spine can also get a good night's sleep.