What should I do if the mattress is moldy?

Mattress is the most important sleeping product in our daily life. We need to be in close contact with the mattress every day. Some people like to sweat, or they don’t pay attention to cleaning. The messy things such as hair and oil stains will fall on the mattress for a long time. After that, it will cause moisture and mildew. What should I do if the mattress is moldy?


What should I do if the mattress is moldy


a. What are the methods for dealing with mold on mattresses?


1. For the problem of moldy mattresses, first open the windows for ventilation. Once moldy, it is also because the mattress is damp, so you can clean the moldy mattress with disinfectant. Of course, the disinfectant is corrosive to a certain extent, so we first dilute it with water, and then wipe the moldy place on the mattress.


2. After that, put it in the sun to expose it to the sun, and use ultraviolet rays to sterilize it. Then move into the house and open the windows for ventilation for a period of time.


3. If the mattress is moldy, the mold will continue to spread and destroy the mattress. If you find that there is a problem of mold, you can also wipe the mattress with soapy water. When cleaning, you can also disinfect it with soapy water and alcohol, and finally dry it.


b. How to properly maintain the mattress


1. Moth balls can be placed under the mattress to prevent mold. If the weather is better, taking the mattress out to the sun can also prevent mildew.


2. It is also necessary to regularly clean the mattress, open the windows for ventilation, and ensure that the indoor air is dry. In the rainy season, it is also necessary to dehumidify the room, use an air conditioner to dehumidify or use an air purifier.


3. Many people buy a mattress with a protective film on it, but they don't tear it off after buying it. We need to tear off the protective film, because there will be sweat when lying on the mattress, especially in summer, there is moisture in the room that cannot be expelled, and will accumulate on the protective film, which will penetrate deep into the mattress. The accumulation of moisture will naturally cause the mattress to become moldy, and the mattress will feel very stuffy.


baby mattress


If the baby mattress is found to be moldy, on the one hand, it will affect the aesthetics, and on the other hand, it will cause the mold to continue to spread, and eventually the mattress will be damaged. Work.