What Are The Precautions When Purchasing A Mattress?

The mattress is an article between the human body and the bed used to ensure that consumers can get healthy and comfortable sleep. Mattresses are made of various materials. Mattresses made of different materials can bring people different sleep effects.


1). Judging the mattress quality from the product logo

Authentic mattresses, whether brown, spring or cotton, have the product name, registered trademark, manufacturer's name, address, contact number, and some have certificates of conformity and credit cards. Most mattresses sold on the market without factory name, address or registered trademark are inferior and cheap fake products.


2). Judge mattress quality from fabric workmanship

The tightness of the joint of high-quality mattress fabric is consistent, without obvious wrinkles, floating lines and jumpers; The seam edges and four corner arcs are symmetrical, without exposed rough edges, and the dental floss is straight. When pressing the mattress by hand, there is no friction sound inside, and the feel is neat and comfortable. Poor mattress fabrics are often quilted with inconsistent tightness, with floating thread, jumper, uneven seam edges and four corner arcs, and uneven dental floss.


3). The advantages and disadvantages of spring soft mattress from the perspective of internal materials

The number of springs used for spring mattress and the diameter of steel wire determine the softness and hardness of spring mattress. Press the spring mattress surface with bare hands. If the spring rings, it indicates that the spring has a quality problem. If it is found that the spring is rusty and the lining material is broken gunny bags or flocculent fiber products made from industrial leftovers, the spring soft mattress is inferior.