What are the Advantages and disadvantages of memory foam pillows

There are many types of pillows that people need to use when they sleep. Memory foam pillows are one of them, which are favored by many young people. So, what is a memory foam pillow? What are the advantages and disadvantages of memory foam pillows? Let XXY Home Furnishing factory take you through these questions now.


What are the Advantages and disadvantages of memory foam pillows


a. What is a memory foam pillow


Memory foam pillows are commonly known as "memory pillows". The material used is polyurethane. The pillows made of this material have viscoelastic properties, which can automatically deform with the change of the position of the head and neck, and keep the position closely combined with the neck at any time, especially It can fix the head and prevent the head from slipping and causing stiff neck.


b. Advantages of memory foam pillows


1. Moisture absorption and breathability: The breathability of memory foam pillows is also very good, and it can absorb the moisture in the air very well. The cell units between memory foam pillows are interconnected, so they have strong moisture absorption and breathability.


2. Zero pressure sleep: The memory foam pillow also has good impact resistance. When the human body is pillowed on it, no pressure is felt at all. This is the legendary "zero pressure sleep". Especially for some small partners who often have pressure problems on the auricle, memory foam pillows can relieve this situation very well.


3. Anti-mite and anti-bacteria: Ordinary pillows often form harmful substances such as mites and molds in the process of use, which will have a bad impact on the human body. The memory foam pillow has good anti-mite and anti-bacterial effect, and it is also very convenient to clean and maintain. Generally, it is only necessary to clean the pillowcase and place it in a cool and ventilated place, and it does not require prolonged exposure to the sun.


4. Good resilience: The memory foam pillow is characterized by good resilience, it can be adjusted and changed at any time according to the user's neck condition, and it can maintain a close combination at any time, better fix the head, and prevent It will cause a stiff neck and so on. Reduce the occurrence of stiff neck; the ability of automatic shaping can well fill the shoulder gap, reduce some common problems caused by air leakage at the shoulder, and can also effectively prevent cervical spine problems.


c. Disadvantages of memory foam pillows


Since the slow-rebound material used in memory foam pillow products is a chemical, there are certain hazards. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to check whether its safety monitoring indicators have passed to see if the slow-rebound toxic and harmful substances are volatilized. Whether it has volatilized, the memory foam pillow purchased in this way is healthy.


The above is the introduction of memory foam pillow and its advantages and disadvantages, I hope it can help everyone! Stay tuned to XXY Home Furnishing factory for more information.