Memory Pillow

Memory pillow is a pillow made of slow rebound material. Its function is not to increase people's memory, but because the pillow often used will form the inherent shape of the head and neck. Most memory pillows are slow rebound pillows.


Generally, it has the following characteristics:

1). Absorbs impact. When I rest my head on it, I feel as if I am floating on the water or in the clouds, and my skin is not oppressed. It is also called zero pressure. Sometimes when we use ordinary pillows, the auricle will be compressed, but this will not happen when we use slow rebound pillows.

2). Memory deformation. The ability of automatic shaping can fix the head and reduce the possibility of falling into the pillow. The ability of automatic shaping can properly fill the shoulder space, avoid the common problem of air leakage in the quilt at the shoulder, and effectively prevent cervical vertebra problems.

3). Anti bacteria and anti mite. Slow rebound sponge can inhibit the growth of mold, and dispel the irritating smell produced by mold growth. It is more prominent when there is sweat saliva.

4). Breathable and hygroscopic. Because each cell unit is connected with each other, it has excellent moisture absorption performance and is also breathable.

5). relieve stress. According to the body curve, it can automatically fit and release the contact surface muscle and physical and mental pressure.


Type Difference


Types and differences of raw materials of memory pillow memory cotton:

1). Imported memory cotton material, high-grade polyurethane material. It is characterized by a better temperature sense, a smooth feel, and a generally slow rebound speed of more than 10 seconds.

2). Inflatable memory cotton material, also known as inflating material, is characterized by a comfortable hand feel of the pillow, "as if there is gas inside that can be squeezed". Because this process uses a special imported auxiliary agent to evenly inflate and inflate the pillow, the natural density of even inflation of the pillow cannot be too high, generally between 45-60D, but it overcomes the defect of the sponge process that is easy to collapse in the past, feels comfortable, and belongs to a popular product.

3). The common memory cotton material, the memory cotton foaming process, can adjust the handle and rebound speed, but its fatal disadvantage is that it is easy to collapse.