How to Pick a Baby Mattress

Many parents who want to save trouble, when choosing a baby mattress for their baby, feel that as long as they go to a well-known brand store to buy them, they will buy the most expensive ones, thinking that it must be suitable for the baby. Parents who have such thoughts, of course, have certain economic conditions. Although they may also choose inappropriate mattresses, presumably such parents will not think that there is anything bad, and they will buy new ones if they are not suitable. But for most ordinary families, how to choose a mattress with good quality and low price still needs to know!


How to Pick a Baby Mattress


1. When choosing a baby mattress, first try to see the softness of the baby mattress. The ideal mattress for infants, toddlers and teens should have a soft upper and lower layer and a firm and elastic middle layer. On the one hand, the middle layer can provide the necessary support for the child's body, and on the other hand, when the pressure generated by the body weight can be transmitted to the soft lower layer, the child's body can be supported without spinal deformity.


2. Don't choose a mattress that is too hard or too soft for your child. An excellent mattress cannot properly support various parts of the body, but will cause more serious chronic damage to the spine, especially for developing children. Once the spine is damaged, it will not only affect the length and appearance, but may even affect the internal organs development. If the mattress is too soft, although it is comfortable to sleep, it is easy to fall and it is difficult to turn over.


3. Look at the breathability of the baby mattress. Especially when the baby sleeps in summer, a sweat-absorbing and breathable mattress can make the baby sleep more sweetly at night.


4. The brand of baby mattress is often related to the popularity of the manufacturer. The more well-known manufacturers are, the more they can ensure the scientific design of the mattress, and the quality is also pass. All such manufacturers' brands are also available for reference. Because of different personal preferences, it is difficult to say which brand is the best. The best way is to shop around.


5. When choosing a mattress for your child, in addition to considering elasticity and support, you should also pay attention to whether it is green or not. The mattress surface cloth must be made of 100% cotton, and the internal glue must also use environmentally friendly glue.


6. It is best to go to a special mother and baby store to buy such products as baby mattresses. Because the quality of the mattress is guaranteed there. In case of quality problems, the return service is relatively highly guaranteed!