How to maintain your mattress? These three methods are highly recommended!

The time spent sleeping in bed is about 8 hours a day, which means that 1/3 of the day needs to be spent in bed, which shows the importance of mattresses in our lives. To have a comfortable and healthy sleep, it is very important to have a very comfortable mattress, and at the same time pay attention to the correct maintenance of the mattress. How to maintain your mattress? The following methods are recommended.


How to maintain your mattress


1. The plastic film must be removed


How to maintain your mattress? First of all, it is necessary to remove the plastic film of the mattress. Presumably, in order to make the mattress cleaner, many families usually sleep with the plastic film directly after buying the mattress. It is easy to cause noise and seriously affect the quality of sleep. Over time, the plastic wrap may stick directly to the mattress, making it difficult to clean.


2. Regular flipping


If your mattress is a single-sided mattress, you can reverse the head and tail. If it is a double-sided mattress, you can directly reverse or reverse the head and tail. The main purpose of this is to prevent the mattress from accumulating The same position is squeezed, which will directly affect the comfort of the mattress. In order for each position to have the same degree of pressure, it can be said that it is very important to turn it over regularly.


3. Pay attention to thorough cleaning


As we all know, there is no way to wash the mattress. You can use a wet towel to wipe the dirty part, and then dry it as much as possible by pressing and blowing. Usually, a thorough vacuuming and mite removal should be carried out once a week, so that thorough cleaning can avoid the problem of bacterial growth. If conditions permit, the mattress can be taken out to dry every month. Ventilation and drying can sterilize the mattress.


For the question of how to maintain your mattress, the above methods will have a good effect on maintaining the mattress, and can keep the mattress healthy, hygienic and comfortable. Of course, the maintenance methods of different types of mattresses will definitely have different standards. It is recommended to choose the corresponding method for maintenance based on the specific situation.