How to find a good baby mattress

Baby mattress


With the improvement of the quality of life, we not only pursue comfort, but also pay attention to the quality of the mattress when choosing a mattress. Especially baby mattresses, parents want to be able to choose a good baby mattress. So how do we find a good crib mattress?



Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a baby mattress:


1. First of all, we must consider the safety and environmental protection of baby mattresses. For babies, mattresses must be 100% eco-friendly so that they do not cause damage to the baby's organs. Do not choose inferior mattresses for temporary cheapness, which will not only fail to protect the baby, but may also cause the baby to get sick. It is recommended that you choose a baby mattress made of Finco eco material and use food-grade materials, which will not cause harm to your baby. any harm.


2. The baby mattress should be suitable for bone development and balanced support. Under normal circumstances, a mattress that is too soft or too hard will have a certain impact on the baby's bone development. Therefore, a mattress with balanced support is the first choice. The so-called balanced support not only requires softness and comfort, but also Not too hard, suitable for the curve of the baby's human spine, which will help the baby's bone development.


3. The baby mattress should be washable, breathable and moisture-proof. In the infant stage, the baby is easy to soil the mattress. When the economic conditions permit, it is recommended to choose a washable mattress. It is not only easy to remove stains, but also effectively removes harmful substances. When the baby cannot sit, most of the time They are all lying on the bed, so the mattress must also have the effect of breathability and moisture resistance.


4. The baby mattress should be anti-choking milk and bionic design. When the baby finishes drinking milk, it is inevitable that choking will occur. It would be better if the mattress has an anti-choking milk design. In addition, the bionic design is also very important. It generally imitates the uterine environment, which will make it easier for the baby Fall asleep without crying.


How to find a good baby mattress


The above is "how to choose a good baby mattress" for you. For the safety of the baby, we must choose a regular baby mattress manufacturer. If you still have questions, please contact Xinxiyang Home Furnishing factory, which is a professional manufacturer of baby mattresses.