How To Clean The Memory Sponge Mttress

How to clean the dirty mattress?

As we all know, mattress cleaning is a big project. It is not as easy to put into the washing machine as the bedspread covers. So every time you clean the house, you may just roughly clean the mattress. But this is not correct. Today, Xinxiyang will explain how to clean the mattress.


1. Regular dust collection

Make a regular dust suction on the mattress to prevent dust from forming stains after the mattress is wet. be careful! It should be sucked close to the surface of the mattress like this, and more attention should be paid to the gap of the groove. Many dirty things are hidden inside. Experts tell us that it is usually OK to inhale once when changing the sheets.


2. Clean the mildewed mattress

1). Let the mattress bask in the sun. Mattress mildew is caused by excessive moisture. On a sunny day, dry the mattress in the sun.

2). Clean the upper and lower sides of the mattress with vacuum cleaner. Remember to clean the filter bag of the vacuum cleaner after cleaning. This will prevent mold spores from leaking out and affect the next use.

3). Mix the same amount of isopropyl alcohol with warm water. Sponge the solution onto the mattress. Then rinse with warm water.

4). Shifu Bang family doctor suggested to use common germicide to clean, which can kill any spores.