How to choose the right baby mattress

We all know that babies' bones are fragile. In particular, the skull is not yet formed and is easily deformed. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the selection of baby mattresses. We must consider the elasticity, comfort, coat, workmanship, etc. of the mattress, and choose the mattress suitable for the growth of the baby. So, how to choose the right baby mattress?


How to choose the right baby mattress


How to choose a baby mattress: After the mattress material knows the appropriate firmness, it is necessary to choose the material of the mattress. There are various mattress materials on the market today, and each material has different characteristics. It is best to choose a soft, sweat-absorbent and well-ventilated material for a baby mattress. This will ensure that your baby sleeps comfortably. In addition, high-density latex mattresses are also suitable for children. Because the high-density latex mattress is suitable for children's bone development, the latex mattress has a good mute effect, which can reduce the number of turns at night and improve children's sleep quality.


How to buy baby mattress?


1. Palm Tree Mattress Palm Tree Mattress is a full palm mattress. Good toughness. The mattress is intermediate between the hard bed and the spring pad, with moderate hardness, not easy to sink, and insects, fungi, etc. can keep the mattress dry for a long time. Compared with the latex mattress, it cannot be dismantled and is less convenient to use. The choice of children's mattresses with the principle of purchasing children's mattresses will directly affect the growth and development of children. Generally speaking, the selection of children's mattresses should follow the principle of hardness and appropriateness.


2. The soft hardness is suitable for baby mattresses. It supports the body according to the baby's body shape, prevents the baby's spine from deforming, relaxes the baby's limbs, promotes blood circulation, and helps the baby's healthy development. In fact, sometimes expensive mattresses are not necessarily good, and if there is no cheap good thing, we have to decide on a case-by-case basis.


How to Pick a Crib Mattress?


The mattress fabric uses 100% cotton, and the internal adhesive also uses environmentally friendly adhesives. Crib mattresses and other supplies are best to go to a specialized hat store to buy. The main function of the crib is to support the body, prevent the deformation of the baby's spine, promote blood circulation, etc., to ensure the healthy development of the baby. But latex mattresses are softer, and babies are not easy to roll over. When buying a crib mattress, you still have to determine the merchant.


How to choose the right baby mattress


3. Sponge mattress The main raw material of sponge mattress is sponge, light weight, soft texture, natural movement of the baby, easy deformation of the mattress, poor durability, and the deformation of the mattress can easily cause deformation of the baby's spine, and even induce the baby's skeletal dysplasia .


What material crib mattress is best for your baby?


A baby mattress is a mattress used by parents for babies under 1 year old. At this stage, the baby grows the fastest and grows the most vigorously, but the baby's body is relatively soft. For this, parents are required to use a good crib mattress. Let the baby grow up healthily, let the baby mattress features, materials, prices and references today. However, the hardness has an absolute advantage. The hardness is moderate, which is suitable for the development of the baby's bones and maintains the linear development of the baby's spine, which is not easy to deform. Latex mattresses and palm mattresses are both suitable for babies. I think everyone already has the answer in their hearts.


The above is "how to choose the right crib mattress". When choosing a crib mattress, you must consider the safety of your baby in order to buy the right crib mattress.