How to Choose the Right baby Mattress

After your baby is born, all the time is a bed, or cradle, so a good mattress is important for your baby. The most important of these are quality and thickness, which is the best crib mattress? I'm sure many nannies are concerned about this issue. Because for our baby's things, we should pay special attention when buying. So, how do we choose the right baby  mattress? Let's learn to understand together.


How to Choose the Right baby Mattress


How to choose a baby mattress?


1. Look at the mattress core


The bed core is the most important. Bones are developing as babies grow. If the mattress is too hard or too soft, it will affect the growth of the baby. If the mattress is too soft, it will collapse easily and the spine will be deformed. A mattress that is too hard can cause damage to a baby's spine. In addition, the air permeability of the main mattress and the high temperature in summer, so choosing a mattress with high air permeability can let the baby spend the summer comfortably.


2. Anti-mite ability


Some mattresses add a lot of additives, so that the formaldehyde of the mattress exceeds the standard, which has a great impact on the health of children, and the prevention of mites is also very important. If the quality is not up to standard, the mites can cause skin diseases and even asthma in children. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, be sure to ask about the various formaldehyde and defense capabilities of the mattress.


3. Choose imported mattress


Some European countries have too strong defense technology and can choose imported mattresses, which are more reliable in quality. Especially in Germany, the manufacturing process of mattresses in Germany is very high.


4. Check the brand


The choice of baby mattress to choose a famous brand. This is not only reliable in quality, but also has a good guarantee after sale.


Baby mattress brand recommendation.


XXY baby mattress, This mattress is universal for all seasons, supports the ridge, has good air permeability, and is circulated and breathable. It adopts a new generation of polymer environmentally friendly materials. The inner core can be washed directly with water, and the baby does not have to worry about bedwetting.