How to choose a car mattress

Mattresses are daily necessities that we need to use when we sleep. There are many types of mattresses, including household mattresses, medical mattresses and outdoor mattresses. Outdoor mattresses are more commonly used in car mattresses. Especially for those who like to travel by car,car mattress It is a good choice for them to sleep. So how to choose a car mattress? Now let's introduce it.




5 ways to teach you to choose a car mattress:


1. "Smell" with your nose. When shopping for a car mattress, sniff for any pungent chemical odors. A high-quality mattress exudes the fresh smell of natural textiles.


2. "Check" by hand. Some car mattresses have mesh openings or zipper devices at the edges, which can be opened directly to check whether the inner spring is rusted, especially the addition of accessories. This step of inspection is very necessary to prevent the purchase of black heart cotton mattresses.


3. "See" with the eyes. A good quality mattress will definitely not be flawed in appearance. It can be seen whether the thickness of the car mattress is uniform, whether the surrounding area is straight and flat, whether the covering of the cushion is well-proportioned and full, whether the printing and dyeing pattern of the fabric is uniform, and whether the sewing needle and thread have any defects such as broken thread, skipped stitch, and floating thread. Qualified mattresses have the product name, registered trademark, manufacturing company name, factory address, contact number on the logo, and some also have a certificate of conformity and a credit card. If not, it is basically a fake product.


4. "Press" hard. Test the car mattress by hand, it should have a moderate softness and hardness, and have a certain resilience. This is done to test whether the compression capacity of the car mattress is balanced and the interior filling is uniform. If there is unevenness, it means that the quality of the spring steel wire of the car mattress is poor.


5. "Listen" with your ears. Tap the car mattress with your hand and listen for the sound of the springs. If there is a uniform spring sound, the elasticity of the spring is relatively good, and the force is relatively uniform during sleep. If there is a "squeak" sound, it means that the spring is not only poor in elasticity, but also may be rusted or inferior products.




The above is "how to choose a car mattress" for you. If you master the above 5 methods, then you will definitely be able to buy a very good car mattress. If you still have questions about car mattresses, please contact Xinxiyang Home Furnishing Factory, which is a professional manufacturer of various mattresses with rich experience in mattresses.