48x72 Camper mattress

48x72 camper mattress


Advanced Materials for 48x72 Camping Mattresses


1. Technical fabrics


2. Surface splash-proof coating


3. Polyurethane foam


4. Four major features of compact polyester material 4.48x72 camping mattress 1. Portable non-atmospheric 2. 48 x 72 camping mattress is applicable


Occasion home: home rest


2. Outdoor camping


3. Accompanying: Office Tips When using the 48 x 72 camping mattress, pay attention to the clean and flat ground. Stay away from fire.


3. Avoid nails, keys and other work supplies.


4. Do not over inflate at any time.


Instructions for 48x72 Camping Mattress


1. Do not over inflate at any time. (It is recommended not to inflate for more than 4 minutes, otherwise it will affect the service life of the product).


48x72 Camper mattress


2. As the seasons change (it will be thermal expansion and cold contraction), the gas inside the 48x72 camping mattress will expand in summer, so it is recommended that you should let off some gas. On the contrary, in winter, the product will become soft because of the low temperature, so you should inflate it with air. 3. There may be a bad smell when the new product is opened, but this smell is harmless to the human body. Open ventilation will naturally disappear after a few days. Conversations among friends are pleasant. The laughter among the mountains and rivers has turned into a little happiness at the moment we are immersed in nature. We seek a slow way of life in order to find a refuge in the world.